Here at Oak & Hide we strive for sustainability and that means making things that last! To get the most out of your purchase, we ask that you show our products some love and care from time to time. Please read the care and maintenance instructions, specifically tailored for your products below.


Oak & Hide Sustainable Hoop Pine Plywood Stool


Timber is wonderfully versatile however, being a natural material, it can take some care to look after it correctly.


Some things to avoid:


  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

May darken timber over time.


  • Close proximity to heat sources (fire place, electric heater, central heating vents).

Uneven heating can encourage timber to warp.


  • Harsh cleaning products and abrasive cleaning pads.

Can damage or scratch the finish.


  • Direct contact of hot pots, pans, cups and mugs to the timber.

This will result in damage to the timber surfaces.


  • Dragging or pushing furniture around

Can cause joints to loosen.


  • Ball point pens, ceramic mugs

Can leave marks on soft wood species such as pine


  • Prolonged exposure to moisture (Don’t get to close with that mop)


Some good habits:


  • Clean furniture with a soft wet cloth and then wipe dry following the grain


  • Always use coasters or placemats underneath items such as hot or cold drinks or plates.


  • Always insure there is sufficient padding when writing on top of a timber surface.


  • Get a friend to help move your piece of furniture, lift and place, avoid dragging.


  • Wipe up any spills with a soft cloth as soon as possible



If your furniture becomes damaged or is not living up to your expectations, please get in touch with us, we stand by our products and want to see them last. Contact us here


Oak & Hide Sustainable Recycled Timber Chopping Boards


To get the most out of your Oak & Hide Chopping Board, make sure to follow a few simple steps.


  • Finish – Every board comes ready to use. The pre-applied finish is an in-house blend of Beeswax and Coconut oil and is food safe. When the board has seen considerable use, the finish will begin to dry out. To rejuvenate your board, we suggest applying the O&H board wax. We are working on making our finish available to our customers and it will be on our website shortly.


  • Washing – Avoid completely submerging your board, doing so may increase the likelihood of warping. Use a warm wet cloth with soapy water to clean followed with a dry cloth to remove excess water then stand the board on its longest edge to dry.


  • Avoid – lying the board flat while damp as the uneven drying can cause warping. long periods of exposure to direct sunlight can also encourage warping.


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – please do not wash this product in the dishwasher. High temperature steam and prolonged saturation will most likely cause splitting.


Oak & Hide Leather Laptop Cases


We’re working on this one, check back soon for updates. Alternatively, you can send through an email to for specific questions.